Tyson Bradley

Since high school, fitness has always been an important aspect of my life. I was a three-sport athlete in high school and then continued on to the Marine Corps. After the Marines I pursued various outdoor activities and also put in the obligatory gym time. While I maintained a respectable level of fitness, it was not the model I felt comfortable with. After numerous nagging and debilitating injuries I went back to the hybrid style of working out that had been so successful in the Marines. Having participated in special operations while in the Marine Corps and having careers as a professional ski patroller, firefighter and paramedic, I can truly say that by living the lifestyle taught at Altitude Athletics I feel better than I have in years. I enjoy taking people that are competitive athletes and those with no fitness experience and empowering them with the benefits of an active lifestyle.

John Murie

I moved to Bozeman in 2003 to attend Montana State University, and graduated in 2008 with a degree in Cell Biology and Neuroscience. After a year as a physical therapy intern, I became more interested in the science of strength and conditioning. In 2011 I moved to Jackson Hole where I coached and designed strength training programs for professional skiers, climbers, mountain guides, kayakers, and military personnel. When the lifetime opportunity arose to become co-owner of a training facility in May 2012, I moved back to Bozeman to join Tyson at Altitude Athletics. In 2013 I joined the CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting seminar staff and have enjoyed traveling to different places around the country to teach other trainers effective systems to use in their gyms. My coaching background ranges from aspiring beginners to professional athletes, and I bring that variety and experience to Altitude.

Haley Haws

haley-bioI grew up in Salt Lake City, moved to Bozeman in 2003 to attend MSU and graduated in 2008 with a degree in Environmental Studies. Fitness has always been very important to me. I became a certified Personal Trainer in 2012 and got my CrossFit level 1 certification in 2013. I love rock-climbing, river rafting, hiking, biking, yoga, boxing, volleyball, and running. I have completed 2 half-marathons, competed in rock climbing competitions, and competed in my first Olympic weightlifting meet in April 2014. I found CrossFit and joined Altitude Athletics in June 2012 where the training principles Tyson and John were implementing were the best I had ever seen. I really enjoy coaching and helping people progress in their fitness goals. There is nothing better than helping someone complete their first pull-up.