“I was coached by, and worked out with Tyson for several months in Portland, Oregon. During those months, I can honestly say that I have never been stronger. I appreciated and respected his knowledge and coaching techniques. I liked his coaching style, and for me it was basic and to the point. I felt that Tyson was able to read me, get a sense of my strengths and weaknesses, and convey a personalized and specific coaching style in a way where I didn”t feel overwhelmed.”

-Jerome Perryman
Former University of Oregon Linebacker
2009 and 2010 Crossfit Games Competitor
2012 Oregon Crossfit Winter Games Champ

“It has been a pleasure to work with John. His humility, work ethic, depth of knowledge and commitment to strength and growth is impressive. I”ve worked with coaches at the Olympic level around the world and I can say from experience that John”s a good man who can help you achieve your goals without the meat-head ego attached. He”s right on par with becoming one of the greatest coaches out there and is still hungry to grow his scope of knowledge. That”s important.”

-Lynsey Dyer
Professional Skier, Rossignol Athlete, First Ascent Athlete

“Coach John Murie has done an exceptional job of training my athletes and myself. John Murie”s experience and versatility as a coach allow him to coach a wide range of athletes and adapt his training methodologies to improve anyone. His expertise in Olympic lifting and strength development is second to none. I would highly recommend Coach Murie and his staff to anyone that is serious about reaching an elite athletic level.”

-James Howell
Head Football & Track Coach, Jackson Hole H.S.
1995 NCAA Div I-AA National Champion Defensive Back, Montana Grizzlies

“This past Fall I joined Coldsmoke Crossfits” ski conditioning class. I was already working out six days a week, running and into the Insanity/P90x fad. At the time, I thought what I was doing was challenging and kept me in decent shape. I had no idea how much stronger I”d get in the three months at Altitude. On my first day at Bridger Bowl I enjoyed skiing without burning legs…at all, zero burn. Hiking was even better. I was still breathing hard but climbed faster and my recovery at the top of the ridge was extremely quick. Jumping into ski season with a body that was strong enough to enjoy the early snow was pretty phenomenal. I highly recommend this class to every skier and to anyone who just wants to be better at what they do. I can run faster now with my extra strength than I could when I was running for longer duration and more often.”

“I”m sold. The coaches and athletes at Coldsmoke Crossfit are a hard-working group of amazing people who make getting my butt kicked enjoyable. After ski conditioning was over, I signed up to be a full member of the gym and I”m pretty sure I”ll be signed up for the foreseeable future.”

-Allison McGree

“The ski season started off with a bang this year. Opening weekend at Bridger Bowl promised chest deep powder, and I felt both scared and excited. Skiing a new mountain is always daunting, as you navigate your way through unknown territory, crossing your fingers in your mittens that your muscles remember what to do and that you remember how to get around the cliff band below. Skiing at Bridger is even more intimidating as you hike to the Ridge or above Slaushmans”s lift. But I felt prepared.”

“I joined Coldsmoke Crossfit Ski Conditioning Program to battle ten weeks of core muscle and leg strength training and plyometric routines. I was amazed at how many other skiers joined the ranks as we encouraged each other to complete exercises specifically designed for southwestern Montana”s terrain. Weighted step-ups helped me step up my game while hiking the Ridge. I appreciated Jane Fonda leg lifts while sidestepping to powder in Jobs 1 and 2. I felt empowered to explore areas of a new mountain knowing that I could rely on my agility to safely navigate early-season rocks and obstacles. Increased core and leg strength meant that I could take a few more powder-filled runs and didn”t have to call it a day due to exhaustion. Classes even focused on injury prevention, an important aspect of skiing that is often overlooked until you take your first pow tumble.”

“The early season is usually the toughest time to get old ski muscles back in the groove. Coldsmoke Crossfits” program prepared me for the slopes, to discover a new mountain and to tackle the surprise of nonstop powder skiing early in the season. I am stronger than ever and even made a few friends from the gym who ski the mountain with me each weekend.”

-Molly Ambrogi-Yanson

“I joined Altitude Athletics in September 2012. At the time I was predominately a runner, running 6 days a week and continually struggling with injuries. I knew I could be stronger in the mountains if I could find a better balance.

In the two years I”ve been at Altitude my strength has grown exponentially, physically and mentally. I”ve gone from a 70kg back squat to 115kg and can now deadlift over 300lbs. I feel stronger everyday. I am even making progress on my pulls ups- which is a personal miracle. I have discovered a new sport that I cherish as much as running and learned an appreciation not just for personal bests, but in the daily grind of working hard.

My coaches not only encouraged my training in the gym but supported my trail running and racing. Running will always be my passion. I have been injury free since joining Altitude and am able to train year round. I believe this is not only because I am physically better balanced but also attributed to my coaches encouragement to recover, mentally prepare, and approach health holistically.

I recently competed in my first trail 50K race and finished 5th! I have never felt physically stronger climbing and descending mountains, and I have never been more mentally prepared for the long grind. I was running by myself for most of the race but could feel the support and encouragement not only from my coaches at Altitude but the community of positive and hard working individuals I”m fortunate to have met through the gym.

Altitude Athletics has not only been an important part of my training but a community I look forward to being a part of every day.”

-Blair Speed