It's Here... Don't Fight It. 

Improve Your Gym Experience During Cold Weather

Cold weather is here, and as we know that can make things harder on on to keep on track at the gym. Excuses pile up quickly, and its easy to find a reason to hit the snooze button or spend the morning in a comfortable bed reading or watching movies. Here's a few ways to keep the weather from derailing your progress.



Layer Up

Wear tons of layers to the gym. Hoodies, long sleeves, tees, sweatpants and shorts. This will help keep your body temp from cooling too much outside and making those first few moments of the day feel like hell. Piling into your car wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt is not a good idea. The gym can be chilly, especially in the mornings, so as you slowly warm up you can take layers off progressively so that you're always at a comfortable temp. Put the layers back on before you leave (even if you're still hot)


Get here early

Take an extra 5 minutes out of your day to get here. If that means getting up earlier, or premaking a snack to bring the night before, do it. That 5 minutes can be spent on the bike, rower, doing mobility work, or practicing skills. All of this can not only serve as a great way to improve your fitness, but to help increase your core temperature to extend your warm up period, which is important when its 5 degrees outside.

Think of it this way:

If you spent 5 minutes before class doing a 1,000m row to add to your warm up, and you came to the gym 3 days a week all month, that adds up to 12,000m of extra rowing during the month. That kind of volume will help with recovery, aerobic base, and body composition.



Consciously Hydrate

When the heat goes away its easier to forget that we are still needing lots of fluids.  Just because its not 95 degrees doesn't change the fact that our bodies need water to function properly. Body temperature regulation, recovering from workouts, immune system function, and muscle growth depend on us staying fully hydrated. No, IPA's don't count.