Tuesday 4-23-19

Try to be like the turtle - at ease in your own shell.
— Bill Copeland

Interval Weight Training Day!!

1) 3 Rounds:

10x Front Squat - increasing weight

5x Box Jumps

Run 200m

90 Seconds Rest

2) 3 Rounds:

6/6x Weighted Step ups - choose dumbbells

3/3x Jumping Lunges

Row 90 sec

90 Seconds Rest

3) 3 Rounds:

10/10x Kettlebell Psoas March

30 Second Body Saw Plank

30 Second Weighted Flutter Kicks - in hollow

5/5x Kneeling Slasher to Halo

Monday 4-22-19

Progress lies not in enhancing is, but advancing towards what will be.
— Khalil Gibran


4 Rounds: Kettlebell Complex, increasing weight

10x Goblet Squat

5/5x Goblet Reverse Lunges

5/5x Single Leg RDL

10x Kettlebell Swings

60-90 seconds rest between rounds


4 Rounds:

1 Minute Row

1 Minute Box Jumps

1 Minute Single Arm Dumbbell Hang Snatch - 30s each side - choose weight

1 Min Abmat Situps

1 Min Rest


1-2 Minutes Each:

Banded Anterior Hip

Banded Posterior Hip

Thread the Needle

This Week at Altitude Athletics (April 22nd - 26th)


Happy Member Appreciation Week!!!

Thank you for helping build this amazing community, we really couldn’t do it without each and every one of you. We hope you have some extra fun this week, and maybe even bring a friend or two to enjoy it with!


To start off the week we’re going to be doing a kettlebell complex. Building this complex will be goblet squats, goblet reverse lunges, single leg RDLs and kettlebell swings. Moving right in to the next portion of the workout will be some timed intervals with rowing, box jumps, single arm dumbbell hang snatch, sit ups and rest. Finishing with some banded stretching and mobility.


IWT Day!! Our interval weight training this week will consist of front squats, box jumps, running, weighted step ups, rowing, jumping lunges, kettlebell psoas marching, body saw planks, weighted flutter kicks, kneeling slasher to halos, and of course some rest.


We’re going to adjust things just a little bit today. Starting with shoulder to overhead and bar facing burpees. Then moving into the conditioning grind of dips, deadlifts, and calories on the bikes. Finishing the day with stretching.


Pushing towards the end of the week we’ve got some Bulgarian split squats and tempo Aussie rows, to start the day. Next on the menu is an EMOM with rowing, ball slams, and plank marches. Finishing things off with a little team SkiErg relay!


Our last workout of the work week has us doing some tempo RDLs mixed with Stadler leg lifts. Next on the agenda we’ve got a team/partner workout, so grab a buddy and push through some running, alternating dumbbell snatches, push ups, weighted sit ups, rowing, box jumps and ball slams.

Saturday 4-20-19

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.
— Ellen Glasgow


4 Rounds:

8/8x Bulgarian Split Squat - 15 sec hold at bottom on last rep

4/4x Turkish Get Ups

90 Seconds Rest


4 Rounds: each against a 3 minute clock:

200m Run, then AMRAP:

10x Push Ups

20x Air Squats

30x Double Unders

*rest 1 minute between rounds


2 Minutes Each:

Couch Stretch

Frog Stretch

Foot Elevated Runners Stretch

Friday 4-19-19

Perfection is the child of time.
— Joseph Hall



5 Rounds:

5x Push Press

5x Ring Pull ups

Rest as Needed


12 Min AMRAP:

200m Run

21x Wall Balls

15x Box Jumps

9x Toes to Bar


2 Rounds:

5x Jefferson Curls

5/5x Cossack Squats

1 Minute Foam Roll Back and Lats


1) 10 Min EMOM

Min 1: 5/5x Barbell Back Rack Reverse Lunge

Min 2: 10x Deadlift

2) 15 min:

Min 1: Dumbbell Thrusters

Min 2: Box Jumps

Min 3: Dumbbell Loaded Alternating Single Leg Hip Bridge

Min 4: Squat Thrusts (burpee w/ no pushup)

Min 5: Rest

3) 3 rounds: 30 sec each

Russian Twists


Plank March

Thursday 4-18-19

The art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.
— Havelock Ellis



4 Rounds:

20-30 Second Handstand Hold/Work

5x Scaled Front Lever

5x Box Drag Press

Rest as Needed


EMOM for 21 min:

Min 1: 12/9x Calorie Bike

Min 2: 6x Weighted Burpee Step Ups (30/20# Dumbbells)

Min 3: 10x Goblet Squats - you choose the weight


Banded Hip Mobility Drills




BUILD - 6am and Noon

Wednesday 4-17-19

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
— Steve Jobs


Interval Weight Training Day!

1) 3 Rounds:

12x Hang Power Clean

6x Kipping Pull Ups

300m Row

90 Seconds Rest

2) 3 Rounds:

6/6x Kettlebell Front Rack Reverse lunges

60 Second Jump Rope

90 Seconds Rest

3) 3 Rounds:

10x 2-handed Dumbbell RDL from 3-4’’ deficit

10/10x Kettlebell Russian Twists

10x GHD Hip Extension + 10 second hold on the last rep

10/10x Theraband Psoas March in Hollow Position


1) 4 Rounds:

8/8x Single Arm Dumbbell or Kettlebell Bench Press

20-30 Second Chin Over Bar or Ring Row Hold

Rest as Needed

2) 20 Minute AMRAP in teams of two:

400m Run (together)

50x Dumbbell Hang Power Clean (15-25#)

50x Ball Slams

50x Sit Ups

*One partner works, one partner rests (besides the run)

3) 2 minutes each:

Banded Anterior & Posterior Hip Stretches

Banded Shoulder

Tuesday 4-16-19

The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money.
— Thomas Jefferson


4 Rounds:

8/8x Single Arm Dumbbell Arnold Press

8x Dual Dumbbell Bent Over Row

90 Seconds Rest


3 Rounds:

Against 3 minute clock:

200m run, then AMRAP:

10x Deadlifts (50/35kg)

10x Air Squat with Lateral Jump Over Bar

*1 minute rest between rounds


3 Rounds:

30 Second Plank March

20/20 Second Side Plank

15 Second Hollow Hold

1 Minute Rest

Monday 4-15-19

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
— Andy Warhol


6 Rounds:

2x Back Squat - increase weight

5x Shoulder Scarecrows

Rest as Needed


20 min AMRAP in teams of 2:

17x Wall Balls

12x Kettlebell Swings

7x Burpees Box Jump Overs

*Alternate full rounds with partner.


Hamstring Walkouts

Jefferson Curls

Couch Stretch

This Week At Altitude Athletics (April 15th-19th)


Starting off this week doing some back squat work. Increasing weight on the back squats to work to some heavier weights, we’ll be incorporating some shoulder scarecrows in there too. Next up we’ll get into teams to work through wall balls, kettlebell swings and burpee box jump overs.


For Tuesday we’ll be working with some single arm Arnold presses and duel arm bent over dumbbell rows. Conditioning will be a run with an AMRAP worked in, for the AMRAP we’ll be doing some deadlifts and air squats with a lateral jump over a bar. Core and recovery to finish the day.


IWT Day!! Our intervals this week are going to be made up of hang power cleans, kipping pull ups, rowing, front rack reverse lunges, jumping rope, deficit dumbbell deadlifts, Russian twists, GHD hip extensions, and Theraband psoas marches.


The strength and skills portion of the workout this week will be practicing the scaled front levers similar to last week, with hand stand holds and box drag press. Conditioning will be an EMOM with calories on the bike, weighted burpee step ups, and goblet squats. Stretching and mobility to end the day.


Push press and ring dips for the strength portion of the day. Next up we’ll be running, doing box jumps, wall balls and toes to bar. Recovery and accessory work to finish the day.

Saturday 4-13-19

The most effective way to do it, is to do it.
— Ameila Earhart

1) 10 min clock:

5x Pull Ups

7x Dips

10x Push Ups

*focus on movement quality, not speed.

2) 3 Rounds for time:

400m Run

20x Kettlebell Swings

20x Sit Ups

20x Double Unders

3) 1-2 min each:

Banded Shoulder Stretches

Downward Dog to Upward Dog


Friday 4-12-19

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.
— William Feather


In Teams of 2:

Against a 7 min clock:

**Accumulate Max Reps (50/35#)**

5/5x Dumbbell Snatch + 5/5x Dumbbell Box Step Ups

*alternate rounds with partner

-rest 2 min-

Against a 7 min clock:

**Accumulate max reps**

10x Calorie Row

10x Burpees

*alternate rounds with partner

-rest 2 min-

Against a 7 min clock:

10x Push Press (40/30kg)

20x Double Unders (40 singles)

*alternate rounds with a partner


5-10 minutes of L-sit practice

Thursday 4-11-19

The present time has one advantage over every other - it is our own.
— Charles Caleb Colton


4 Rounds:

8/8x RNT Split Squat - hold Dumbbells suitcase style

15/15x Lateral Banded Steps

Rest as Needed


EMOM for 18 Minutes:

Min 1: 10x Back Squat

Min 2: 20x Kettlebell Swings

Min 3: 30 Seconds of Biking - max calories


3-5x Jefferson Curls

Frog Stretch

Couch Stretch

Wednesday 4-10-19

We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it.
— Dwight D. Eisenhower

Interval Weight Training

1) 6 Rounds:

8x Hang Power Clean - choose weight

4x Toes to Bar

200m Run

90 Second Rest

2) 3 Rounds:

30/30 Sec Side Plank

10/10x Russian Twists in GHD (with 5-10kg plate)

25/25m Kettlebell Split Carry (one overhead one front rack)

10x V-ups

3) 2-3 minutes each:

Foam Roll T-spine and Back with Kettlebell

Supine Foam Roller Stretch

Tuesday 4-9-19

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
— Confucius


4 Rounds:

12x Dumbbell Strict Press - increasing weight

6x Aussie Rows or Ring Rows - 5151 tempo

Rest as Needed


7 Rounds for time:

7x Deadlift

7x Box jumps 24/20

7x Burpees


Banded Hamstring Stretch

Couch Stretch


Monday 4-8-19

We cannot become what we want by staying what we are.
— Max Depree


4 Rounds:

6x Front Squat - increasing weight

4x Scaled Front Lever

Rest as Needed


5 Rounds for time:

10x Wall Balls

10x Calorie Bike

25m Single Arm Overhead Walking Lunges (35/20#) - switch arms half way


Couch Stretch

Overhead Wall Stretch

This Week At Altitude Athletics (April 8th - 12th)


We’ll start off the week by working on front squats and some core work, with front levers (see the video above for a demo). Conditioning will be wall balls, single arm over head walking lunges, and calories on the bike. We’ll recovery with some stretching and mobility.


Strength is going to be strict press (increasing weight) and Aussie rows. Next we’ll be moving into some deadlifts, box jumps and burpees. Stretching and banded mobility for our recovery.


The mid week mark brings us IWT day! The Interval Weight Training day this week is going to be made up of hang power cleans, toes to bar and running, side planks, Russian twists on the GHD, kettlebell split carries and V-ups. We’ll do some loaded foam rolling and stretching to round out the day.


Starting things off on Thursday with some RNT Split squats, holding dumbbells by your side, and lateral banded steps. Moving right along into the workout, we’ve got and EMOM with back squats, kettlebell swings, and max effort on the bike.


Finishing the work week with a team workout! We’ll be working through some dumbbell snatches, dumbbell weighted box step ups, calories on the rower, burpees, push press, and double unders. There will be some rest built in for both partners through out, and as usual, one partner works while the other rests.

Friday 4-5-19

Yesterday I was clever, I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.
— Rumi


2 Rounds, In teams of 2:

400m Run (both partners)

50x Back Squat (50/30kg)

40x Box Jumps 24’’/20’’

30x Power Clean (50/30kg)

20x Kipping Pull Ups

10x Thrusters (50/30kg)

*one partner works, one partner rests


Foam roll T-spine, quads, back for at least 5 min

Thursday 4-4-19

Learning to ignore things is one of the greatest paths to inner peace.
— Robert J. Saywer


a) Work to 1RM Hang Squat Clean

b) 4 Rounds:

3x Hang Squat Clean - 75%

Rest 60-90 sec


15 min AMRAP:

5/5x Dumbbell box step overs (40/30#)

5/5x Alternating Dumbbell Snatch (40/30#)

10x Toes to Bar

10x Calorie Row

1x Rope Climb


L-sit Practice ~ 5 min

Couch Stretch


Childs Pose

Wednesday 4-3-19

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.
— -Leo Buscaglia


4 Rounds

8/8x Alternating KB Z-Press

8x Aussie rows or strict pull ups

rest as needed


20-15-10-5 reps

KB Suitcase Deadlifts


*100m KB farmers carry after each set

*workout ends with 100m farmers carry


Jefferson curls

Foam roll glutes and back