Wednesday 12-6-7

The first wealth is health.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

1. 3 Rounds not for time
30 sec handstand hold / shoulder taps
30x hollow rocks
10x box drag press


2. 3 Rounds of “Tabata” mashup: 20 sec at each station, 10 sec rest between:
Strict pull ups
Deadlift @ 70/50kg
Weighted step ups @ 2x35#/25# DBs
Double KB front rack hold @ 2x53#/35# KBs
FLR (forward plank on rings)
DB shoulder to overhead @ 45#/30# DBs
Front Squat @ 50/35kg
Heavy Russian KB Swings
*rest 2 min between rounds


3. Mobility
poster hip capsule
Anterior hip capsule