This Week At The Gym (Oct 15th-20th)

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CrossFit Workouts Week of October 15th - 20th


Fight Gone Bad! We’ll be re-testing from 2 months ago so get ready to come throw down right away this week.


We’ve got a 1RM Squat Clean, EMOM for 8 min squat cleans, and some short AMRAPs with pull-ups and swings.


Interval weight training! Thrusters and step ups followed by deadlifts and shuttle sprints. A short bodybuilding circuit to finish up.


Weighted lunges with some banded glute work first, and then a run/KB swings/box jump conditioning circuit.


Heavy Deadlifts and toes to bar to work the midsection, then we’ll be breathing hard with a rowing and bodyweight 10 minute burner.


A weekend isn’t right without a good team workout…