This Week At Altitude (Oct 22 - 27)


CrossFit Workouts For This Week (Oct 22nd - 27th)


We’ll be drilling some rope climb technique! If you’re still working on these, its a great day to get in and practice. Push Press + Rope Climb for some upper body push and pull, followed by a Tabata style interval workout.


We’re going to start off with some Barbell volume work in the “big three” - bench press, back squat, and deadlift. We’ll be a hitting a hard team workout with the bikes afterwards.


Today we back off a little and have a KB complex, then workout with light barbells - power cleans, shoulder to overhead, and toes to bar.


Single Leg work today - We build strong hips and hamstrings to keep you injury free out of the gym. The conditioning has farmers carries and DB burpees!


We end the week with strict press and strict pull-ups. Rowing wall balls and box jumps will get you sweating before the weekend.