This Week At Altitude (10/29-11/3)

maggie barbell.jpg

CrossFit Workouts For 10/29-11/3


We’re going to begin the week with some challenging core and pressing work. For conditioning we’ve got a 20 min EMOM with 5 different stations.


We’ll be working power clean technique and sets of 5, then we’re gonna go with a countdown of KB swings and double unders.


Dumbbell work for the upper body, then another EMOM to get some total body work and breathing in.


Barbell front rack lunges and GHD sit ups for some good single leg and midline work to start, and then we go right into a 15 minute grinder of weighted burpee step ups, deadlifts, and jumps rope.


We’re gonna work on heavy thrusters and box jumps first, getting some total body work. Partner work with bikes and wall balls to end the week and make you sweat.


Some functional bodybuilding exercises, and then a long team chipper.