This Week At Altitude (Nov 12th-16th)


CrossFit Workouts This Week


We’re starting off the week with single leg work - Split squats and banded glute bridges. Thrusters and bike intervals follow - challenging short bursts of energy today with lots of rest.


Rope climbs and Push Press for upper body push and pull - a good day to practice rope climbs! Conditioning today includes rowing, farmers carries, lunges, and deadlifts.


Interval Weight Training starts off with Power cleans and double unders, then Bench press and rowing, followed by some strict gymnastics work.


We kick things off with deadlifts and box jumps, then a chipper with 7 different exercises. Lots of moving and breathing today.


We’re going to Back Squat triples, then we have a grinder with weighted burpee step ups and squats for conditioning.