This Week At Altitude (Dec. 17-21)

Dec 17-21.jpg


We’ll be starting the week with weighted lunges and jumping lunges, goblet squats and kettlebell swings. Finishing up with some accessory work.


Single arm dumbbell work to start the day! Single arm shoulder to overhead and single arm rows, moving into dumbbell snatches and some rowing.


The mid-week push has us doing thrusters, and rope climbs! After that we’ve got an EMOM with single arm clean to press, box jumps, sled pushes and calorie row.


Interval Weight Training Day! This week’s IWT involves barbell jump squats, calorie bike, deadlifts, and calorie row. Ending the day with some skill work, dips, push ups, 3-point dumbbell row and 1113 tempo pull ups.


Today we’ll be working on our 2 rep front squats. Once a heavy 2 rep front squat has been found, then we’ll decrease weight while increasing reps with toes to bar in between. Burning out with a complex of wall balls, lunges and burpees. Mobility work to finish out class.