This Week at Altitude (Dec. 10-14)



Starting the week with a barbell complex with deadlifts, power cleans, lunges, front squats, and push press. Next moving into rowing, wall balls and toes to bar.


Waited step ups, and jumping lunges followed by a 20 minute AMRAP workout.


Interval Weight Training Day! This week we will work with hang squat cleans, double unders, kettlebell walking lunges and rowing. The last round will be some technical work with star planks, kettlebell windmills, ring supported holds and banded shoulder external rotation.


Tempo back squats and backward sled drags paired with a 15 minute EMOM.


Finishing the work week with strict pull ups and hand release push ups. Ending with a partner workout with biking, squat cleans, burpee box jump overs, shoulder to overhead and deadlifts.