Week of June 25th - 29th

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CrossFit, Weightlifting and Endurance Workouts For June 25-29th


Monday 6-25-18

  • Get the legs ready for a 1RM Back Squat, followed by a KB and sprint workout.

  • Finish up with 3 rounds of a tough core circuit

Tuesday 6-26-18

  • Tempo Bench Press and rows, with a row/thruster countdown

  • Finish with a few minute of hip and shoulder mobility

Wednesday 6-27-18

  • Challenge yourself with a fun barbell complex and double unders

  • Work in some Founder poses to keep the back strong

Thursday 6-28-18

  • Front rack lunges will challenge the midsection and the legs and a team workout with some running will get you breathing hard

Friday 6-29-18

  • Interval weight training will be a good end to the week, and we'll have a team SkiErg relay at the end


Take a few minutes with Jason Khalipa and get some pointers on the SkiErg!