Tuesday 6-5-18

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal
— Henry Ford
Run Run Run



1a. Bench press - 5 x 5 (increase weight each set)
1b. Aussie rows - 5 x 5 (3131 tempo)
Rest as needed.


2. 12 min AMRAP:
400m run
10x thrusters (30-40 kg)
2x Rope climbs

**Don't forget those socks!


Jefferson Curls
Anterior hip capsule

Rope Climbing Tips

The journey of 1,000 rope climbs begins with one good j-hook...and just a few other things.

Rope Climbing Technique! How to climb a rope for your next WOD. This video will teach you how to fix a few simple mistakes and learn how to climb a rope for beginners.