This Week at the Gym: June 4 - 8

Workout Schedule for CrossFit, Endurance, & Weightlifting Classes

Let's get June started off right!

It looks like we are going to have some awesome weather and a great kick-off to the month with this week's training. This week will feature supersets of classic push-pull movements as well as a benchmark opportunity with a one-rep max deadlift.

"Together, we can accomplish great things..."

"Together, we can accomplish great things..."


MONDAY - 6/4

  • STRENGTH. Let's start thing off with some back squat doubles.
  • METCON. Rounds for time triplet with hang cleans, toes-to-bar**, and farmer's carry.
  • CORE STRENGTH. GHD hip-extensions, bird dogs, and planks.

    **Struggling with toes-to-bar? Check out the toes-to-bar tip at the bottom of this post.

 Tuesday - 6/5

  • STRENGTH. Great push-pull superset of bench press with aussie row.
  • METCON. AMRAP triplet with running, thrusters, and rope climbs**.
  • MOBILITY. Spine and hips.

    ** Set yourself up for success with long socks or some other barrier between you and the rope.

Wednesday - 6/6

  • STRENGTH. Build up lactic threshold with some supersets of hang power clean** and bike sprints. 
  • METCON. Rounds of reverse lunges and heavy sled push.
  • PREHAB & TECHNIQUE. Handstand holds, shoulder scarecrow, triceps, and planks.

    ** Wrist pain on cleans? Let's talk mobility and wrist wraps.

Thursday - 6/7

  • STRENGTH. Benchmark opportunity: One rep max DEADLIFT**. 
  • METCON. Rounds for time: Triplet of row, deadlift, and double-unders
  • MOBILITY. Hips and shoulders.

    ** Lifting heavy objects off the ground is an essential human movement, regardless of age or stage of athletic development. Think about pushing the floor away rather than lifting the object up.

Friday - 6/8

  • STRENGTH. Unilateral strength development w/ Bulgarian split-squat** PLUS sled drag.
  • METCON. Chipper of kettlebell swings, box jumps, run, ball slams, push-ups, lunges, and burpees.
  • MOBILITY. Thoracic spine and lats.

    ** Great opportunity to work on strength asymmetries in our legs. 


Monday - 6/4

  • STRENGTH. Rounds of 10x backsquats to get those legs moving.
  • METCON. Rounds for time Triplet: dumbbell thrusters, toes-to-bar, and row.

Wednesday - 6/6

  • STRENGTH. 10x Benchpress superset with bike sprints. 
  • METCON. Rounds with rest: deadlift and heavy sled push.
  • PREHAB & TECHNIQUE. Handstand hold, shoulder scarecrow, triceps, and planks.

Thursday - 6/8

  • STRENGTH. Superset of single arm dumbbell curl-to-press with aussies rows.
  • METCON. Teams of two: hundreds chipper of mountain climbers, air squats, kettlebell swings, burpees, and bike.


Monday - 6/4

  • Front Squats 6 x 6
  • Snatch Complex: hang plus slow snatch.
  • Conditioning: pull-ups, push-ups, row sprint.

Thursday - 6/8

  • Front Squats 8 x 4
  • Clean Complex: hang plus slow clean.
  • Conditioning: deadlift, push press, bent flys, and jog.

Tip of the Week

Toes-to-Bar! Stop Swinging and Start Pulling..

For those of us that struggle with the rythym of stringing toes-to-bar together, the solution is easier than you might think. What most of us are missing is pulling THROUGH the bar after we touch our toes or knees.

Checkout this video for more: