This Week at the Gym: June 11 - 15

Workout Schedule for CrossFit, Endurance, & Weightlifting Classes


congrats, joey!

It is great seeing people set a goal, develop a solid plan, put in the hard work, and accomplish great things. 

For those that have not seen Joey Weamer around the gym, you should hear about this amazing feat he recently accomplished. 

Joey has been working hard on a individual program with Coach Jodi to take his strength, speed, and endurance to the next level -- with the goal of competing in the Montana Enduro Series and the Dead Swede on back-to-back weekends.

Joey didn't just show up and finish. He crushed it, coming in the top 20 of 100 competitors.

So if you guys see Joey around the gym, congratulate him on putting in some awesome work these past few months.

Congrats, Joey!

Plan of the week

We mark this week some great partner work, a one-rep max thruster, and everyone's favorite benchmark - FRAN!

Just remember: Showing up is half the battle. Embrace the challenge and surprise yourself with how much progress you've made (or will make in the future)!


MONDAY - 6/11

  • STRENGTH. Classic push-pull supersets of military press and strict pullups
  • METCON. Partner workout of dumbbell hang squat cleans and burpee box jumps.

 Tuesday - 6/12

  • TRIO of METCONS. Firstdumbbell snatch and double-unders. Rest. Then high rep back squat with a little run. Then partner calorie bike and plank holds.

Wednesday - 6/13

  • STRENGTH. Everyone's favorite lift! Thruster! But this time, we will set a one-rep max.
  • METCON. Ready for a benchmark workout? How about FRAN?!

Thursday - 6/14

  • STRENGTH. Work on strength asymmetries with front rack lunges and plank shoulder taps.
  • METCON. Quick AMRAP with calorie rows and wall balls.

Friday - 6/15

  • STRENGTH. Dip-drive-dip with push presses.
  • METCON. Awesome AMRAP of air squats, calories bike, deadlift, and burpees.


Monday - 6/11

  • STRENGTH. Push-pull work with seated curl-to-press and strict pull ups.
  • METCON. Team workout of kettlebell swings and burpee box jumps.

Wednesday - 6/13

  • STRENGTH. Unilateral strength development with front rack reverse lunges and banded good mornings.
  • METCON. Rounds with rest of double unders, thrusters, and shuttle sprints.

Thursday - 6/15

  • STRENGTH. Hang power cleans and box jumps.
  • METCON. Teams of two work of row, wall balls, and sled push. 


Monday - 6/11

  • Front Squats, snatch complex.

Thursday - 6/15

  • Front Squats, clean complex.

Tip of the Week

Improve your fran time by...


Ok. We get it. Yes - we all HAVE to breath when doing an awesome workout like Fran. But how and when you breath matters.

Check out this two minute video to improve your Fran time by simply learning how to breath better.