This Week At The Gym (August 20th-24th)

heidi Db snatch.jpg
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— Shiv Khera


We start the week with IWT - barbell cleans and rowing, into KB complexes and running. This won't be a heavy day, but more of a cardiovascular demand. We'll finish off with some posterior chain work.


A countdown of Deadlifts and GHD sit ups for strength, followed by a 10 min AMRAP of ascending reps of burpees, DB snatches, and box jumps.


Upper body push/pull today with strict presses and pull ups. This will be one of the more challenging met-cons of the week with a rowing and wall ball intervals! 


We'll be working on hang squat cleans first, and then we'll pair up for a fun team workout. Thrusters, toes to bar, and double unders.


We've got weighted lunges with sled pushes, and then an EMOM of KB swings and sprints! Good way to end the week.