This Week At the Gym (August 27th - 31st)

Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat.
— Ann Landers

CrossFit Workouts For The Week Of

August 27th-31st


We start off the week with upper body barbell complex - press + push press + push jerk. Then, we get into a 16 min AMRAP with some running and dumbbells.


Max deadlift day! Get yourself ready for a PR, and then we do a countdown of burpee box jumps, hang power cleans, and weighted sit ups.


Bulgarian split squats and some other glute / hip work, followed by longer rowing and some "strict cindy". This will be a longer workout for the week.


We'll do some KB Z-presses and rows, and then we've got short intervals of med ball exercises and rowing - this is a shorter/burner workout.


1 rep max squat clean + Jerk! If you need practice on this movement this is the day to show up! The conditioning portion has lunges, and scotty bobs... enjoy!