This Week At The Gym (August 6th - August 10th)


CrossFit Workouts For August 6th-10th


Get some volume in for the upper body with pull-ups and dips, followed by a solid EMOM style workout with rowing, burpee box jumps, and core work.


Today will be a challenge with Thrusters and Rope Climbs for strength, and the midline will be hit pretty hard by an AMRAP of running, KB squats, and situps.


IWT today! Deadlift + Sprint, then lunges and sleds. Finish off with some bodybuilding / accessory work. This will be a fun day!


We've got heavy front squats, then an interval style workout with rowing and medicine balls.


We'll mix things up with a Deadlift ladder intermixed with rounds of "Cindy". This will be a unique but fun workout for everyone to finish off the week!