This Week At The Gym (Sept 24-28)

chris stand.jpg


If you want barbell work this is the day for you. Get in and work our barbell complex followed up with some core/plank work to end the day. This’ll be a good start to the week!


This is our IWT for the week. Starts with DB thrusters and rowing intervals, right into deadlifts and biking. Nothing heavy today just some good breathing and moving.


We’ve got a longer team workout here, rowing, running, push presses in a one works one rests format. Should be a fun day overall.


We’re going to hit some pull-ups and dips, so get the guns ready to go today. The conditioning will include swings, weighted lunges and biking. A little of everything today!


Heavy back squat doubles, with rope climbs, DB snatches, and double unders for our met-con.