This Week At Altitude Athletics (Jan. 14th - 18th)

Devil's Press Demo


Starting this week with a leg focused strength session, RDLs and front rack cossack squats. After that moving into a pair of 5 minute AMRAPs. Our AMRAPs will have combination of deadlifts, box jumps, pull ups, thrusters and sit ups.


Today we’ll be switching things up a little with a half kneeling filly press and pull up combo; followed by front squats, double unders, burpees and shuttle sprints. To finish class we will do some core and posterior chain work.


The mid week grind this week will start with a squat clean EMOM. Next we’ll work into a complex with calories on the bike, deadlifts, weighted lunges, and a sled push. Mobility to finish the day.


Thursdays are for thrusters! Get it, because they start the same way? Any ways, this week Thursday will be IWT Day! We have complexes with thrusters and rowing, bench press and rowing, and a ab complex to finish things off.


Time to finish the work week! To start the day we’ll be working with a tempo strict press. Next up, a complex with rowing and Devil’s Press (our featured exercise this week - see the short video at the top for a quick demo by Coach John)! Ending the day with some mobility work and foam rolling.