This Week At Altitude Athletics (Jan. 21st-25th)

Kettlebell Front Rack positioning tips


To start out our week we’ll be working with a variation of a dumbbell bench press, only one arm will be working at a time while the other stays locked out. To accompany our dumbbell bench press we’ll also use the dumbbells for a single arm row. The workout will be a triplet called “The Chief” it involves power cleans, push ups and air squats. Finishing with mobility work.


To get the day going we will practice some handstand holds, and chin over the bar holds. This will take us right in to a team workout with a row and working into an AMRAP with burpee box jump overs, dumbbell front squats and kettlebell swings; one partner works, one rests. Mobility to finish.


IWT Day!! Our first couplet will consist of clean and press and jumping rope. Next up we’ve got kettlebell front squats, kettlebell front rack walks and shuttle sprints. To finish IWT Day we’ll do a technical circuit with floor wipers, star planks, GHD sit ups and kettlebell RDLs. (See video above for the tip of the week!)


We’re going to really get our posterior chains working today! Starting with deadlifts (increasing weight) and sled pushes. Moving right along we’ve got a 10-1 countdown workout. Kettlebell swings, goblet lunges and sumo deadlift high pulls. We’ll be closing things for the day by foam rolling and doing some banded mobility.


Happy Friday! Let’s finish our work week strong! On our agenda this Friday we’ll start with push press and rope climbs. We’ll be working out with everybody’s favorite CrossFit girls, Cindy! The workout will look something like this; a row, ground to overhead, a few rounds of “Cindy”, ground to overhead, and one last row. We’ll be sure to foam roll glutes and T-spine after.