This Week at Altitude Athletics (Jan. 7th - Jan. 11th)



To start the week we’ll do an AMRAP of pull ups, dips and push ups. Followed by kettlebell front squats, sit ups, and rowing. Finishing up with some accessory work.


We’re going to push the weights on some heavy deadlifts to start the day, paired with some sled pushes. The conditioning portion of the workout is going to have dumbbell push press, calorie row and box jumps. Finishing with some accessory work, ab wheels, standing Russian twists, GHDs and farmer carries.


The mid week grind is going to be a burner, hang squat cleans paired with box jumps to start things off. Next up we’ve got burpees, calories on the bikes, pull ups and weighted box step overs. Add in a couple minutes of stretching and we’ll call it a day.


Thrusters and rowing to start our Thursday. Diving right in to overhead kettlebell walking lunges and jumping rope for out workout and finishing off with some foam rolling and stretching.


Our final day off the work week will be working up to a heavy front squat. The bulk of our workout is going to consist of time on the SkiErg, wall balls, alternating dumbbell snatches, plank shoulder taps and wall sits.