This Week At Altitude Athletics (October 7th - 13th)

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CrossFit This Week At Altitude Athletics


We start the week with a challenging upper body circuit. There’s some volume in here so we might have some sore arms after today! The conditioning is a bit longer, with a 40 on/20 off format of some bodyweight and lighter exercises. Lots of moving and breathing!


We’ll be building to a heavy Back Squat today, so if you’ve been itching to test that 1RM, today is the day! Conditioning here is an 11min AMRAP with T2B, DB work, and box jumps. Burner!


Splitting up the week with IWT… First up is power clean and bike, second is push press and rowing. The final section includes some single arm and single leg work.


Today we work on pull ups and core strength first. Conditioning is a fun one with 3 “mini” AMRAPs of rowing, burpees, double unders.


We’re going for a big deadlift today, followed by a partner workout- I won’t spoil the fun here, but get ready for a fun Friday.