This Week At Altitude Athletics (Feb. 11th - 15th)


To start off the week we will be working through some deadlifts and box jumps. The workout will be a countdown workout for time with thrusters, calorie rowing and rope climbs. Finishing the day with some mobility, foam rolling and banded shoulder stretches.


Interval weight training day! Our 3 different sections this week will start with hang power cleans, toes to bar and box step ups. Next up back squats, box jumps and max effort on the bike. We’ll cap off IWT day by slowing things down and focusing on some quality movements; dumbbell curl to press, push ups, kettlebell RDLs and banded glute bridges with a pause.


The strength portion today is going to be a triplet with bench press, dips and pull ups. As we move things along we’ll be doing an AMRAP with wall balls, burpee box jump overs and squat cleans. Bring things to a close with some mobility work.


We’ll be incorporating some technical work talked about in this wee'k’s video in the first part of class. We have a front squat with a pause followed by a regular tempo front squat, increasing the weight as we work through the rounds. Conditioning will be an EMOM workout with ball slams, calorie rowing, biking, rope climbs and push press. Class will finish with a short core circuit.


The final push towards the weekend will bring a barbell complex, including deadlifts, power cleans, back squats, and thrusters. The workout will be a quick triplet of kipping pull ups, alternating dumbbell snatches and thrusters. Finishing off the day with some mobility and quality stretching.