This Week At Altitude Athletics (Feb. 25th - Mar. 1st)


To start our week we’ll be working on our pressing movements. The strength portion will be focused on the strict press, push press and push jerk. Moving on to the workout where we will string together rowing for calories, weighted box step overs and rope climbs. We’ll wrap up the day with some accessory movements to work the core and posterior chain.


The first portion of Tuesday’s workout will be skill and strength based, strict ring dips, lateral sled rope pulls and plank knees to elbows. We want to focus on quality of the movements and the mind to muscle connection. The workout will be an EMOM with dumbbell burpees, push ups, hang cleans, air squats, deadlifts and box jumps. Mobility/recovery at the end will be frog and preacher stretch and Jefferson curls.


We’ll be starting the day off by working with low rep front squats, focusing on strength. The conditioning part of the day will be a combination of wall balls, shoulder to over head, Crossfit style kettlebell swings and calorie rowing. Mobility and recovery to finish the day.


The strength portion of our workout today is going to be EMOM style! Deadlifts and hang power cleans. Next up we’ll work into rowing, double unders, air squats and quadrupled crawl. We’ll do some accessory work at the end of class, single leg hip bridge holds, lateral med ball throws to the wall, bent over rear delt flies, and wall slides.


March is upon us! Time to gear up for week two of The CrossFit Open! We’ll be doing workout 19.2 for each class today. posts the workouts on Thursday at 6pm, there will be a link to the workout on Thursday night’s post.