This Week At Altitude Athletics (Feb. 4th - 8th)


It’s officially the first full week of February, to start things off this Monday we’ll be working with a front squat and hollow hold bicycle pairing. Next up is an AMRAP of burpees and double unders, and finally some mobility to end the day. (Check out the video above for some double under tips)


First on the agenda will be bench press and single arm bent over row followed by a combination of rowing, kettlebell swings and sit ups. We’ll do some shoulder and hip mobility to end class, making sure we stretch everything out really well.


Mid-week Interval Weight Training Day!! Our three rounds this week will be as follows. First we’ve got power cleans and calories on the bike with timed rest at the end. Next up we’ll be taking on heavier goblet squats and shuttle sprints. The third and final part to the day will be a circuit of push ups, Aussie rows, knees to elbows planks and weighted Russian twists.


The strength portion of our workout will consist of barbell back rack reverse lunges and jumping lunges. Conditioning work is going to be pretty basic, wall balls and dumbbell power cleans. We’ll wrap things up with some quality accessory work; single leg RDLs, supermans, L-sits, and half kneeling slashers. Taking time to work through these movements and focus on the quality of each part.


Friday pushes us one day closer to the weekend, literally, we’ll be doing push press and rope climbs! Moving right along to rowing, devil’s press, dumbbell front squats and overhead dumbbell walks. To round out our day we’ll take some time to roll and stretch our backs with preacher stretch and supine foam rolling.