This Week At Altitude Athletics (Mar 11th - 15th)


Kicking off our week with some tempo kettlebell front squats, kettlebell reverse lunges and plank body saws (check out the video above for some different options/variations). The conditioning portion of the workout will be a team workout with shoulder to overhead and burpees over the bar. Recovery will be shoulder mobility and stretching the back.


Tuesday’s workout will start off with some handstand work, double unders and farmer carries. Once we’ve worked through that we’ll switch gears to the conditioning portion, biking for calories, deadlifts, toes to bar and box jumps. After this set of movements we’ll be sure to stretch out the back and open up the hips.


Getting right into things with some upper body work. We’ve got alternating dumbbell bench press (keeping the non-working arm extended) and ring pull ups to start things off. The conditioning part will be a little different today, working for 40 seconds and then resting for 20 seconds. The movements will be as follows, SkiErg, med ball cleans, alternating dumbbell snatches, and wall sits. Recovery will be stretching and mobility work.


Thursday’s workout will start with some work on the power clean, it’s going to be more of a strength oriented session building to some heavier weight over time. Once done with the power cleans we’ll be moving into a quick AMRAP with deadlifts, front squats, push press, reverse lunges and push jerks the directly into another short AMRAP of double unders and calorie rowing. Lots of foam rolling to end the day!


CrossFit Open workout 19.4

The link will be posted Thursday night at 6pm