This Week At Altitude Athletics (Mar 18th - 22nd)


To start off our week we’re going to be doing some skill/strength work with rope climbs and thrusters. Conditioning will be a descending rep dumbbell complex of deadlifts, lunges, and power clean to push press. Then right into calories on the bike, wall balls, burpees and kipping pull ups. Finishing off the day with stretching and foam rolling.


Jumping right into the conditioning portion of the workout this Tuesday, we’ll be doing calories on the rower, box jumps, deadlifts, push press, calories on the SkiErg, Abmat or GHD sit ups, mountain climbers and hollow rocks. We’ll have built in rest in between rounds. Recovery will be a couple different banded stretches.


We’ll start our Wednesday with the strength portion doing heavy pause goblet squats and heavy sled pushes. I hope you’re ready to jump into a boat because we’re going to do some rowing for our conditioning part. We’ll do fun a row and rest combo. Accessory work to finish off the day will be tempo push ups, single arm bottom up kettlebell carries, founders pose, and body saw planks.


Interval Weight Training Day! Our sections this week will be push press, kipping pull ups, and shuttle sprints, back rack reverse lunges, jumping lunges and max effort on the bike, and the final section will be a SkiErg relay.


Crossfit Open Workout 19.5