This Week At Altitude (March 25th - 29th)


This week we will be kicking things off with some strict and kipping pull ups followed by a team conditioning workout. The workout will include calories on the rowers, kettlebell swings, box jump overs, and thrusters.


Starting the day we’ll be doing a combination of Bulgarian split squats and bike work. On to the next section we’ve got rowing, burpees and dumbbell snatches. Finishing the day with some accessory work; wall slides, single arm bent over kettlebell rows, founders, and banded glute bridges.


Interval Weight Training day! Split into three sections, we’ll be doing barbell jump squats, weighted sit ups, rowing, bench press, and a sled push relay.


Switching things up just a bit with this workout, we’ve got double kettlebell clean and press (check out the video for a couple helpful tips) and hamstring walkouts with a push up at the bottom. Next up we’ll be doing some rowing, broken up with sets of ground to overhead, bar over burpees and thrusters. Recovery stretching and foam rolling to end the day.


The strength portion of today’s workout is going to be working with heavy back squats, maybe even hitting a PR! Next up, grab a partner and power through calories on the bike and rower, wall balls and alternating dumbbell snatches. Recovery to follow.