This Week At Altitude Athletics (Mar 4th - 8th)


Starting off our week we’ll be doing a EMOM of squat cleans, increasing the weight as we go. For the conditioning part we’ll be rowing, doing kettlebell swings, box jumps and toes to bar. To finish the day we’ve got some recovery stretches.


The strength portion of Tuesday’s workout will be a seated dumbbell strict press with a pause at the top, paired with strict pull ups. The next part will be an AMRAP with sled pushes, push ups, sit ups, and overhead walking lunges. To end the day we have a couple of accessory movements focusing on core and the posterior chain.


Switching things up just a little bit for the mid week workout, we’ll be jumping right in to the conditioning portion of the workout. We’ll be doing 3 AMRAPs with rest in between each. The first is going to have calories on the bike, hang power cleans, and front squats. The second is going to be calorie rowing, kettlebell suitcase deadlifts, and farmer carries. The third will consist of calorie ski, Aussie rows, push ups and sit ups. Ending the day with recovery stretches and foam rolling.


IWT Day! The first portion will consist of clusters (squat cleans to thruster), kipping pull ups, and rowing. The second will be bench press, clapping pull ups, and sled pushes. The third and final part will be a timed plank on the rings, barbell floor wipers, bent over reverse flies, and GHD hip extensions.


Open Workout 19.3!