This Week at Altitude Athletics (April 1st - 5th)


300 Burpees for time! … April Fools!

This Monday we’re going to start things off with a little barbell complex. Strict press, push press, and push jerk, increasing weight as we go. Next we’ll be an EMOM of rowing for calories and ground to overhead. Recover with foam rolling and stretching.


Interval weight trining day! We’ll be working with a combination of barbell jump squats, running, weighted walking lunges, biking or skiing, wall sits, tempo dips, strict toes to bar and half kneeling slasher to halos.


Our strength portion this week is going to be alternating kettlebell Z presses with strict pull ups or Aussie rows. Moving into our conditioning, we’ve got suitcase deadlifts and burpees, with a few farmer carries mixed in. Recovery will be Jefferson curls and foam rolling.


It’s cleaning day! We’re going to be focusing on heavier hang squat cleans for our strength portion. Conditioning will be an AMRAP of weighted box step overs, alternating dumbbell snatches, calorie row, and a rope climb. Accessory/Recovery will be L-Sits, couch stretch, pigeon, and child’s pose.


Time to team up, grab a partner and get to work! Our team workout this week will include running, back squats, box jumps, power cleans, kipping pull ups, and thrusters. One person works while the other rests. Foam rolling will finish up the day.