This Week At Altitude Athletics (April 15th-19th)


Starting off this week doing some back squat work. Increasing weight on the back squats to work to some heavier weights, we’ll be incorporating some shoulder scarecrows in there too. Next up we’ll get into teams to work through wall balls, kettlebell swings and burpee box jump overs.


For Tuesday we’ll be working with some single arm Arnold presses and duel arm bent over dumbbell rows. Conditioning will be a run with an AMRAP worked in, for the AMRAP we’ll be doing some deadlifts and air squats with a lateral jump over a bar. Core and recovery to finish the day.


IWT Day!! Our intervals this week are going to be made up of hang power cleans, kipping pull ups, rowing, front rack reverse lunges, jumping rope, deficit dumbbell deadlifts, Russian twists, GHD hip extensions, and Theraband psoas marches.


The strength and skills portion of the workout this week will be practicing the scaled front levers similar to last week, with hand stand holds and box drag press. Conditioning will be an EMOM with calories on the bike, weighted burpee step ups, and goblet squats. Stretching and mobility to end the day.


Push press and ring dips for the strength portion of the day. Next up we’ll be running, doing box jumps, wall balls and toes to bar. Recovery and accessory work to finish the day.