Wednesday 4-17-19

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
— Steve Jobs


Interval Weight Training Day!

1) 3 Rounds:

12x Hang Power Clean

6x Kipping Pull Ups

300m Row

90 Seconds Rest

2) 3 Rounds:

6/6x Kettlebell Front Rack Reverse lunges

60 Second Jump Rope

90 Seconds Rest

3) 3 Rounds:

10x 2-handed Dumbbell RDL from 3-4’’ deficit

10/10x Kettlebell Russian Twists

10x GHD Hip Extension + 10 second hold on the last rep

10/10x Theraband Psoas March in Hollow Position


1) 4 Rounds:

8/8x Single Arm Dumbbell or Kettlebell Bench Press

20-30 Second Chin Over Bar or Ring Row Hold

Rest as Needed

2) 20 Minute AMRAP in teams of two:

400m Run (together)

50x Dumbbell Hang Power Clean (15-25#)

50x Ball Slams

50x Sit Ups

*One partner works, one partner rests (besides the run)

3) 2 minutes each:

Banded Anterior & Posterior Hip Stretches

Banded Shoulder