This Week At Altitude Athletics (April 8th - 12th)


We’ll start off the week by working on front squats and some core work, with front levers (see the video above for a demo). Conditioning will be wall balls, single arm over head walking lunges, and calories on the bike. We’ll recovery with some stretching and mobility.


Strength is going to be strict press (increasing weight) and Aussie rows. Next we’ll be moving into some deadlifts, box jumps and burpees. Stretching and banded mobility for our recovery.


The mid week mark brings us IWT day! The Interval Weight Training day this week is going to be made up of hang power cleans, toes to bar and running, side planks, Russian twists on the GHD, kettlebell split carries and V-ups. We’ll do some loaded foam rolling and stretching to round out the day.


Starting things off on Thursday with some RNT Split squats, holding dumbbells by your side, and lateral banded steps. Moving right along into the workout, we’ve got and EMOM with back squats, kettlebell swings, and max effort on the bike.


Finishing the work week with a team workout! We’ll be working through some dumbbell snatches, dumbbell weighted box step ups, calories on the rower, burpees, push press, and double unders. There will be some rest built in for both partners through out, and as usual, one partner works while the other rests.