This Week At Altitude Athletics (May 13th - 17th)


This week we’ll be starting things off with some work on our front squats, paring them with GHD sit ups for our strength portion. The conditioning part will be made up of rowing, box jumps, and burpee pull ups with planned rest in there too. Couch and child’s pose to bring the day to an end.


Interval Weight Training Day! This week we’ll be seeing a combination of shoulder to overhead, deadlifts, running, jump rope, and a SkiErg relay.


Time to work hard and push for a max on our squat clean! We’ll then take things down to about 80% and do a 6 Minute EMOM. Heavy work with decent rest in between. Next up we’ve got an AMRAP with sled pushes, plank knees to elbows, kettlebell swings and farmers carries. Recovery will be mobility work and stretching.


The strength/skill portion of the work out will be a combo of the floor press glute bridge and kettlebell hold flutter kicks with rest built in. After that we’ll be taking on wall balls, running, sit ups and rope climbs. Banded stretching to finish class.


Starting things off with some lower body work, it’ll be front rack reverse lunges and lateral band walks. Next up we’ve got a Tabata style workout with timed work and timed rest for each exercise. The movements include rowing, kneeling slasher to halo, alternating dumbbell snatch, weighted step ups, and Russian twists.


Don’t forget we’ll be doing MURPH with Lone Peak Performance and barbecuing after! Starting at 9:15AM