This Week At Altitude Athletics (May 20th - 24th)


To start off our week we’ll be getting heavy with some back squats. Because of the rep scheme we’ll start out a little lighter and then as the number of reps go down we’ll be increasing the weight to really challenge ourselves. Conditioning will be a team workout, so grab a partner and power though some running, deadlifts, shoulder to overhead, burpees and rowing.


IWT day!! This week’s interval weight training will be comprised of hang power cleans, toes to bar, bench press, strict pull ups, biking, rowing and a sled push relay!


We’ll be integrating single arm dumbbell rows and Bulgarian split squats to focus on one side of the body at a time during the strength part of the day. Conditioning will have thrusters, rowing and kettlebell swings in an AMRAP format. Finishing things off with a fun accessory movement circuit. The circuit is going to be made up of dragon flags, shoulder scarecrows, bird dogs and (the newest addition) rower pike ups! **See the video above for a demonstration**


Time to do some Spring Cleaning! We’ll be working towards a heavy squat clean today for part one of the workout. Conditioning will be for time, movements include squat cleans, running, and farmer carries. Recovery to finish.


Strict work to finish off the week! Strict pull ups, strict dips and hand release push ups, with rest in between rounds. The conditioning portion will be an EMOM style workout with calories on the bike, body saw planks, dumbbell snatches and double kettlebell front squats.