This Week at Altitude Athletics (May 27th - May 31st)



Happy Memorial Day!!

No Classes!


Starting off our week a day late, but we’ll be jumping right in. We’ll start our Tuesday off with dumbbell Z-presses and renegade rows. Up next we’ll be working though a few rounds ground to overhead and rowing with built in rest. Finishing with recovery stretching as a group.


Hump day this week comes early and it’s going to bring some RDLs and toes to bar with it for our strength portion. Conditioning will be a mix of push ups, pull ups and air squats with built in time to rest. Foam rolling, pass throughs and Bretzl to finish the day.


Interval Weight Training Day!

Part one is made up of front squats, box jumps, jump roping and rest. Part two will consist of deadlifts, box jumps, rowing and rest. The third and final part of the day will be a chipper with curl to press, ab wheels, wall slides, and lateral med ball throws.


More skill oriented strength portion to start the day! We’re going to be working on a ring dip progression, slow and controlled to maximize the results. Next up we’ve got an AMRAP with sled pushes, kettlebell swings, box step overs, wall balls and calories on the bike or SkiErg. Banded stretching to round out the day.