This Week At Altitude Athletics (May 6th - 10th)



We’re going to start the week with some pressing and overhead work. Push press, push jerk and strict pressing to begin the day, then working into a fun triplet of front squats, farmer carries, and calories on the rower. To bring class to a close we will be doing some stretching and recovery work.


To start the day we’ve got some pulling movements on the agenda with deadlifts and single arm ring row holds. Moving into the conditioning part of the day, we’ve got wall balls, abmat sit ups, and running with a timed rest in between rounds. Recovery to end the day.


Today will be Interval weight training day! Our IWT workout this week will be comprised of thrusters, running, front rack lunges, calories on the bike, hollow hold flutter kicks, windshield wipers, dragon flags and single arm overhead kettlebell carries. Come in and see how we put these movements together to create a great workout for you!


Starting things out with a little more strength and skill work, we’ll be working on handstand holds, L-sits and strict pull ups. Moving on to the faster paced part of the day, there will be an altered EMOM style dumbbell complex with deadlifts, lunges, hang power cleans, push presses and renegade rows. Quality accessory work will finish things off.


For our strength portion we will be working with some of our more unusual movements including body saw planks (check out the video below to brush up on your body saw plank!) , kettlebell windmills, and dumbbell death marches. Jumping right into the conditioning side of things we’ve got a chipper style workout with hang power cleans, bar facing burpees, calories on the bike and toes to bar. Lets finish things off with some deep stretching and recovery.