This Week at Altitude Athletics (June 17th - 21st)


Starting off the week we’ve got a strength EMOM, increasing weight every two minutes with power cleans and front squats. Moving into our conditioning piece involving running, double unders and weighted step ups.


We’ll be kicking things off by teaming up! The workout will be a slightly different team workout with deadlifts, bent over rows, hand power cleans, thrusters and an overhead hold. There will be scheduled rest and then staying with your partner we’ll go through rowing, jump squats, and abmat sit ups. Finishing up with recovery stretching and mobility.


Interval Weight Training Day!! Our movements for IWT will include push press, pull ups, running, front rack reverse lunges, front squats, rowing, single leg controlled step downs, plank knees to elbows, hollow holds and L sit practice.


In the strength portion we’ll be working opposite sides of the body with a bench press and bent over row combo. Then we’ll move into an AMRAP workout of biking, wall balls, weighted step overs, push ups, double unders, and rope climbs. Recovery stretching to end the day.


To finish off the work week we’ll be teaming up again! Grab a partner and work through some back squats, burpees, rowing, dumbbell snatches, double unders, and thrusters. We’ll stretch and foam roll to finish off the day.