This Week at Altitude Athletics (June 3rd-7th)


Starting the week off, we’ll be doing a combination of heavier deadlifts and box jumps to get the legs and back working. Then we move into a triplet of rowing, scotty bobs, and step ups. Concluding the day with some hip mobility exercises.


We’ve got a fun strength couplet of pull ups and push press to begin the workout. After that we’ll work through an AMRAP with push ups, wall balls, kettlebell swings, and running. Recovery will include shoulder mobility and tricep push downs.


To begin, we’ll be working on some skill oriented movements. Handstand holds to a negative push up, box drag presses, and tempo RDLs. (Head over to the Altitude YouTube page for a video on the box drag press) We’ll also be introducing a new movement this week, its the Mr. Spectacular. We’ll be combining it with double unders, running, plank shoulder taps and calories on the rower for a great workout. Banded stretching to finish the day.


Thursdays are for squats! Front squats to be more precise. We’ll be working to a heavy single on the front squats to kick off class. Bringing things down a notch, we’ll decrease the front squats and add in calories on the bikes and front rack carries for the conditioning portion. Accessory moments will finish off class, including Bulgarian split squats, good mornings, lateral band walks and rig hangs.


Interval Weight Training Day! This week’s movements will include power cleans, burpees, barbell lunges, sled pushes, running, kneeling curl to press, bent over reverse flies, rower pike ups, and banded kettlebell psoas march. Lots of variety should make for a great workout!