This Week at Altitude Athletics (June 24th - 28th)



To start out a new week, we’ve got a strength combination of deadlifts and box jumps. Conditioning will include running, goblet squats, toes to bar and overhead (Crossfit style) kettlebell swings. To cool things down at the end we’ll be doing some banded stretching and foam rolling.


Jumping right into things with a barbell complex made up of reverse lunges and back squats, incorporating rest as needed. Next up on the agenda we’ve got a conditioning piece made up of running, rowing and rest. Ending the day with recovery stretching.


We’ll be kicking things off with some push press work, focusing on the eccentric part of the movement, and plank shoulder taps. Moving right along we’ll hop into a few rounds of reps for time, we’ve got calories on the bikes or SkiErg, suitcase deadlifts and kipping pull ups. Rounding out the day with some accessory work, Jefferson curls, wall slides and sots presses.


It’s time to team up! Our team workout will consist of a 2000m row and then an AMRAP of bar over burpees, hang power cleans, and front rack carries. One person works, one person rests. The accessory work will be dragon flags, back extensions, reverse dumbbell flies, and some banded external shoulder rotations.


For the final push towards the weekend we’ll start our with thrusters and rope climbs, moving into 4 rounds of wall balls, push presses and running with rest in between rounds. To finish off the day we’ll cool down with some banded hip stretching and overhead wall stretch.