This Week at Altitude Athletics (July 1st - 7th)



Welcome to July! To start out a brand new month we’ll be doing front squats and front rack kettlebell carries. Working into the conditioning, we’ve got an ascending rep AMRAP with burpee box jumps, kettlebell swings, abmat sit ups and running. This should be a fun challenge! For recovery we’ll be stretching out the hips and the back.


Strength this Tuesday will be a classic push/pull set with seated strict dumbbell presses and strict pull ups. Moving right along we’ll be splitting into teams of two and working through rowing, dumbbell snatches, wall balls, and running. Roll out and stretch to end the day.


Interval Weight Training Day! This week’s IWT Day will consist of barbell jump squats, bench press, heavy sled pushes, double kettlebell overhead carries, running, 3-point dumbbell rows, rowing, and hollow hold flutter kicks.



*** CLOSED ***

Friday - (10am-12pm Open Gym, Noon Crossfit class ONLY)

To start things off we’ll be working on some heavier deadlifts, making sure we get good rest in between rounds. Next up the conditioning will include running, kettlebell swings, box jumps, kipping pull ups and rest. We’ll be finishing things off with some accessory movements including Jefferson curls and wall slides, and some mobility work.