This Week at Altitude Athletics (June 10th - 14th)



Kicking off a new week with a strength duo of see saw bench press and bent over alternating rows for the upper body and back. Moving right into a fast fun triplet workout including rowing for calories, alternating dumbbell snatches, and alternating goblet lunges. We’ll be finishing the day off with stretching cool down.


Strength this Tuesday will be back squats with a pause in the bottom and banded glute bridges. We want to work the pause on the back squats to help slow things down and make sure we’re really focusing on driving out of the bottom with power. The conditioning piece of the workout will feature dumbbell power cleans, running, box jumps and a scheduled rest period. Finishing things off with dedicated stretching and foam rolling, especially for the lower body.


It’s IWT Day!! Our movements this week will include shoulder to overhead, jumping rope, deadlifts, a SkiErg relay and some sprints!


The strength portion is going to be a little complex this Thursday, literally. We’ll be working through a barbell clean complex of squat cleans and hang cleans. Moving from the complex right into our condition piece with running, kettlebell swings, ab mat sit ups and box jumps. Bring the day to an end with coach lead group stretching.

We’ll be starting things off with half kneeling Arnold press and 3-point rows. Now, lets team up for our workout we’ve got everyone’s favorite, thrusters and bar over burpees, once through finish the workout off with a row. Push your partner and lets have some fun!