Friday 7-12-19

Adventure is worthwhile.
— Aespo



4 Rounds:

20 Second Handstand Hold to Negative

10/10x Dumbbell Bent Over Row

60 Second Plank Body Saw

Rest as needed


20 Minute clock, in teams of 2, split work anyway, one works/one rests:

40x Calorie Bike

40x Burpee Box Jump

40x Weighted Sit Ups

100m Farmers Carry


7 Way Hips


1) 4 Rounds:

8x Back Squat - increasing weight

25m Sled Push

Rest as needed

2) In teams of 2:

15 Minute clock, get as far as possible in the sequence:


Kettlebell Swings

Wall balls

Plank knees to elbows (3/3, 6/6, 9/9 etc)

*alternate full rounds with partner until 15 min clock ends

3) 2 Rounds:

5/5x Single Leg Kettlebell RDL

10/10x Bird Dog

30/30 Side Plank