Monday 7-15-19

The world is changed by your example not by your opinion.
— Paulo Coelho

Reminder: There won’t be open gym from 11:00am - Noon



4 Rounds:

3x Strict Press

2x Push Press

1x Push Jerk

Rest as needed


4 Rounds: (40/30kg)

8x Hang Power Clean

8x Thrusters

8x Bar Facing Burpees

8x Toes to Bar

90 Seconds Rest


2 Minutes each:

Banded Pigeon

Banded Posterior Hip Capsule


1) 3 Rounds: 

15x Goblet Squat

2/2x Jumping Lunges

250m Row

90 Seconds Rest

2) 3 Rounds:

6/6x Cossack Squat

25m Sled Push

90 Seconds Rest

3) 3 Rounds:

30 Second Hollow Hold Flutter Kicks

5/5x Single Arm Plank Rotations

15x Banded Good Morning

5/5x Cross Body Med Ball Touch