This Week at Altitude Athletics (July 15th - 19th)


Monday - Reminder there will be no Open Gym (11:00am-Noon)

We’ll be starting the week off with some overhead work. We’ll be doing push press, push jerk and strict presses. Next up we’ll be working through hang cleans, toes to bar, thrusters, and bar facing burpees with timed rest in between rounds. Banded stretching to end the day.

Tuesday - No Open Gym (8:30-9:30)

Starting by working with some single leg lower body, we’ve got barbell front rack lunges and lateral band walks. Conditioning will consist of running, dumbbell deadlifts, and burpees. Recovery for the day will be stretching and mobility work.


It’s time to move some weight around. To start the day we’ll be working towards a heavy single or double hang squat clean. We’ll be de-loading the hang squat cleans a bit and adding in box jumps and push ups for our conditioning. Overhead wall squats and single leg glute bridges to finish the day.


Interval Weight Training day! The movements we’ll be working with this week will include shoulder to overhead, sled pushes, running, double unders/jumping rope, kipping pull ups and rowing.


Finishing the week with a push/pull workout of rope climbs and bench press. Conditioning will be a decreasing rep workout with front squats, box jumps and rowing. To bring the day to a close we’ll do some Jefferson curls, anterior hip capsule stretching and childs pose.