This Week At Altitude (July 22-26th)

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This Week At Altitude Athletics July 22nd-26th


We kick the week off with an awesome barbell complex. If you’re looking for some good strength work with a full body hit, this is your day! The conditioning will be short and fast, with KB swings, Goblet Squats, and push ups. Get ready for a burner here, but a great way to shake off the dust from the weekend!


We move into our IWT workout for the week here, with section one having DB snatches, box jumps, and running, and the second section getting us into deadlifts and rowing. Part three will be core focused, where we can slow down and get into the movements.


We have some great strict gymnastics drills today for you - pull ups, L-sits, and Handstands will get us working hard with just our bodyweight. Then we hit it hard with a 20 min chipper! Today we’ll sweat and breathe hard!


Headed back to the barbell today for strict presses and bent over rows. We have a team workout with wall balls, running and rowing to follow.


We end the week with a heavy deadlift/box jump combo to train power. The conditioning is a strong hit of running, thrusters, pull-ups, and burpees. Everyone’s fav!