This Week At Altitude Athletics July 29th - August 3rd)


We’ll start this week with an IWT workout. First set includes barbell shoulder to overhead and rowing, and the second set has DB lunges and running. We end with a SkiErg race!


Strength today has upper body work - dips, push ups, and Dumbbell curl to press. Conditioning is a burner AMRAP with big sets of squats, burpees, toes to bar, and box jumps.


Deadlifts today! We are pairing with some double under practice, which should get us prepped for the conditioning set that includes sleds, running, jump rope, and rowing.


Heavy back squats today with a 15 min EMOM that will hit the legs as well. Today will be a grinder!


Today we are going to do some DB Arnold presses and rows for unilateral strength work first, and then we have a great team workout for you today. Challenging but fun!


BUILD class today! 930am