This Week at Altitude Athletics (July 8th - 12th)



To welcome everyone back from the holiday weekend we’ll be starting things off with a little push/pull strength portion of Aussie rows and bench press. Next up we’ll be doing a dumbbell complex and some biking. The movements for the complex will be deadlifts, hang cleans, alternating lunges and front squats. Finishing the day with 7-way hips.


Starting things off we’ve got hang squat cleans and box jumps. Moving right along we’ll be doing two 8 minute AMRAPS with timed rest in between, they’ll be made up of rowing, running, burpees and thrusters. To finish things off we’ll be working through PVC sots presses, wall slides and stretching.


The middle of the week will have us working on our lower bodies for the strength portion, with split squats and lateral theraband walks. That will bring us to the conditioning portion with rowing, toes to bar, wall balls and double unders. Bringing the day to a close with overhead wall stretching, foam rolling and some banded stretching.


Interval Weight Training Day! This week our movements will consist of biking, dumbbell snatches, front squats, kneeling dumbbell curl to press, weighted step ups, ab wheels, GHD hip extensions, and dips. Rest will be built in through out.


Finishing our week out we’ll be starting things off with handstand holds, bent over rows and body saw planks. Time to team up for the conditioning part! You and your partner will be biking, doing farmer carries, burpee box jumps, and weighted sit ups. Finishing things off with 7-way hips.