This Week At Altitude Athletics (August 12th-17th)

brittany press.jpg

CrossFit Workouts August 12-17


We kick off the week with a barbell complex - power clean to front squat to push press. This is a great complex to build total body strength and also to drill a few of the more technical movements in a more focused setting.


Today is a descending rep scheme with Back Squats first, followed by DB deadlifts, burpees, and farmers carries in an interval format for conditioning.


IWT today with barbell jump squats and biking, then barbell lunges and sled pushes. This will be a high intensity shorter duration day type of interval today, with plenty of recovery. The last section includes some foundational work for shoulders and core.


Handstand and kipping drills will give us a little break from the barbell today. Get in and drill some bodyweight control and strength. We pair today with a longer (20 min) conditioning EMOM style. Lots of breathing!


We work on hang squat cleans today. Not going too heavy but getting a good amount of volume in for a 10 min EMOM. Our conditioning has thrusters, toes to bar, and jumping lunges! This one is short and sweet.


BUILD @ 930